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Designed To Prevent Children From Getting Their Fingers Caught In Doors And Door Jams

The Slam Guard

The Slam Guard is a self-clamping device with an innovative “U”-shaped design, which has a narrow opening that allows it to clamp onto the outer edge of a door without the use of screws, nails, adhesives, or fasteners. It only has two parts, the “U”-shaped Base that clamps to the door and the Guard—the mobile stopper which slides back and forth to activate or deactivate.

The longer sides of the Base of the Slam Guard are 5” inches long and the bottom of the “U” is 1 3/8” inches long—the exact thickness of a standard interior door in an American home. 95% of all interior doors are standard sized, and only 5% are custom-made with a 1 5/8” inch thickness.

To activate the Slam Guard, simply slide the Guard out until it locks in place behind the spring loaded tab. When you hear a click, it means the Guard is in the activated position. This spring-loaded tab is a simple locking feature which prevents the Guard from slipping out of its activated position upon impact.  This locking feature has proven effective on all door frames, especially those with rounded moldings. To deactivate it, simply lift the knob over the tab and retract the Guard to allow normal door use.

The Slam Guard can stay on the door in its open and shut positions without the need to remove it every time the user needs to fully shut the door.

For information on how to put your Slam Guard on any of your interior doors, see our Installation page.