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Designed To Prevent Children From Getting Their Fingers Caught In Doors And Door Jams

About The Slam Guard

The Slam Guard was invented in 2006 by Albert Karapetyan. The idea for Albert’s invention came from an injury he experienced in his early childhood. As a young boy, Albert lost the tip of his left index finger after his hand became stuck in a bedroom door jam as it closed. Albert has since considered his injury a constant reminder of the dangers of something as benign as a household door.

As Albert grew older and had children of his own, he realized he became very worried whenever his kids would open and close doors around the house. His children would roughhouse and chase each other, one right after another, and slam doors without realizing that their sibling was directly behind them. After spending so much time worrying, Albert was inspired to create something to prevent doors from slamming, but would also allow them to still shut completely when needed. Thus, the Slam Guard was born.

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