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Designed To Prevent Children From Getting Their Fingers Caught In Doors And Door Jams

Door Safety For Kids

Has your child ever accidentally slammed his or her fingers in a door at home? If you worry about the harmful repercussions of shutting hands in door jams, you’re not alone. Finger and hand injuries are common, especially in preschool aged children, when slammed or jammed in doors at home or school. That’s why Albert Karapetyan has invented the Slam Guard.

The Slam Guard is a simple, effective way to safeguard against the dangers of slamming doors. Together, we can afford parents the ability to protect their children in one more way.

To learn more about our product, please see The Slam Guard page. To learn more about Albert and why he decided to create this product, see our About page. If you have any questions, please Contact Us. We look forward to hearing from you.